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Default This hobby is like a crack addiction...

except more expensive!
Drove from Evansville up to the Princeton/Oakland City area yesterday (Saturday) for about 180 miles. Assuming my pickup gets 18 mi to the gallon (it usually does slightly better than that), that is 10 gallons of gas, or $28. I told myself repeatedly that Sat was the only day I was going to go out. NO SUNDAY RAILFANNING! NO SUNDAY RAILFANNING!
Well after another 150 or so miles today and another $21 in gas... Shooting heroin has to be less expensive. And probably not as stressful!
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I know how you feel. I have the urge to bankrupt myself right now, because I want to go railfanning after not having gone for 2 weeks, but I have prom next week: $100 for tickets(and they don't even serve dinner, only appetizers), unknown for dinner, and then the zoo the next day. Well at least after work Friday, I'll be able to take a quick peek at the tracks before picking up my tux($125 and one of the cheapest ones).
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It wasn't so much an expense factor for me this weekend. I "put off" larger home remodel projects.

After several years of foregoing home fix-up projects to go trackside, my procrastination caught up with me.

I had to suffer through two incredibly nice, sunny spring days at home to get projects done in preparation for carpeting.

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I think the best idea to save money on railfanning is just to buy a house right next to the tracks, although this might be adding to your addiction. I might be doing just that this summer.
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What did George Carlin say one time about interests and hobbies? To have an interest in something is free, but hobbies cost money.

For me, to sit outside in the newly green grass along the tracks on a beautiful pre-mosquito (you have no idea until you've been up here) Spring day is worth the price of admission in gas money to get there...especially when dual-window ex-BN SD60Ms are fronting trains!
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We just drove 840 miles round trip to visit TVRM. Sure gas is expensive, but where else can you see 4501 and ride in 610 all in one day? Gas is expensive, but its well worth it to see certain locomotives/RR's.
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Railfanning is much better for your health that heroin.
Also your gas is cheap - here in the UK gas is not far short of 5 a gallon, it probably will be very shortly (1 = $1.78 as I write). In any case, there is hardly a hobby in the world that is free, most require some outlay for equipment, entrance fees or transport.
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